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Raymond R. Smith believes that “Reading is the spark that lights the fire inside.” Raymond grew up in a single parent household as the oldest of four. His third grade teacher was very influential in launching his interest in reading. Raymond says, “Reading books changed my life and opened up the world to me.” Although the characters did not look like him, Raymond found safety and discovered himself in books.


Raymond obtained his BA in secondary English education from Chicago State University, a Master’s in Reading from Olivet Nazarene University, and a Type 75 (Administrative Endorsement) from Lewis University.  As a reading teacher, Raymond noticed that many of his students did not value reading and were often disengaged with their texts in school. Also, his students were not familiar with life lessons and basic principles learned in the home. This motivated him to begin the Righteous Ray-Ray Children’s Book Series. There are now four books in the series that each includes: a great story, vocabulary, and thinking questions for the reader.


Be on the lookout for upcoming Righteous Ray-Ray titles!



Raymond Smith is available for booking and can speak on the following topics

and tailor them for specific audiences:



Topics of Expertise


1. Benefits of Reading to Your Children - Parents

2. Benefits of Reading For Pleasure in Childhood - Parents, Children, or Teachers

3. Process of Writing a Book - Aspiring Authors of Any Age

4. Self-Publishing Your Book - Aspiring Authors of Any Age

5. Traits of Good Character - Parents, Children, or Teachers

6. Overcoming Obstacles - Parents, High School/College Students

7. Planning a Book Event - Aspiring Authors

8. Teaching Urban Youth in the 21st Century - College Students, Teachers

9. Teaching Reading -  College Students, Teachers



Alan Davis does not consider himself a graphic designer, a photographer, an illustrator, painter or artist. Alan considers himself all of the above—a creator. Mostly, self-trained in all forms of visual arts, Alan has had a life-long passion with the process of creation. Never looking at creativity/art/design as a tool for self-expression but as a way to service others. That's what design is, a way to help a brand or a personal/political statement reach its full potential through the appealing process of good design, strong art, and memorable words. Somewhere between the Primal and Paranormal is how he describes his thought process. His abstract thinking can be seen in everything he does, this thought process more often than not leads to a well-thought out artistic solution that is shocking, fun and euphoric.

Alan’s career as a creative professional started in 2013 when he decided to leave the world of film and step into the world of Graphic Design. In that short time, Alan has gone from being a total novice in the world of design to interning for two the most prestigious design firms in Chicago (Art On The Loose and Thirst) to quickly transitioning to the very first Art Director for the Black Ensemble Theater.

Alan hopes to continue to his life-long pursuit of becoming the best that ever did it, while helping as many people as possible and eventually creating his own firm to keep designing the world as he envisions. 

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